Most Esteemed Delegates and MUN Advisors,

It is my distinct honor as the Secretary General to welcome you all on behalf of our academic and organization team to the first-ever YEDMUN Conference which will be taking place in İstek Özel Antalya Yeditepe Schools on its Lara Campus between the 20 th and 23 rd of April.
Fully aware of the need for international co-operation and unity in solving global problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character, this year we have decided to choose ‘Unity for Global Consensus’ as the theme of our conference.
Aroused by the passion to influence the future and bring solutions to today’s problems of security, justice, human rights, and development, YEDMUN’ 2018 will have three General Assembly Committees (The Disarmament and International Security, The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee and The Special Political and Decolonization Committee). The participants will also be given the chance to develop a framework for disease crises management and work on ways to deal with improving African Women’s health in the World Health Organization. As more and more people are on the move today compared to any other point in human history, YEDMUN team could not remain ignorant to the problems immigrants and refugees encounter and thus have included UN Special Conference on Race and Migration on its agenda. In addition to the Security Council with its open agenda, we have also decided to add UN World Tourism Organization in our list of committees where the problems of many tourist destinations including our beautiful city, Antalya will hopefully be resolved with cooperation and collaboration of all delegates.
Our diligent and highly motivated team is working tirelessly for the participants to have a wealth of experience with the intense debates, memorable social events and the welcoming atmosphere of the city of Antalya.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Public Relations via email at and keep checking our website as we will continue to post more details regarding the conference.
YEDMUN Team is looking forward to welcoming you all in April for its first conference to achieve ‘Unity for Global Consensus’.

İstek Özel Antalya Yeditepe School MUN Conference

our Committees